In the pulsating heart of Singapore’s rich cultural landscape, the Art Porters Gallery is gearing up for an extraordinary event. Internationally acclaimed street artist Mariusz Waras, creator of the world’s priciest art edition, ‘Dictador M-City Golden Cities’, is set to mesmerise audiences with his unique artistic vision. The vibrant metropolis of Singapore, a beacon of art and culture, provides the perfect backdrop for the launch of this global tour.

Waras’s latest art series illuminates his post-industrial universe, featuring complex assemblies of objects and machinery movements. The glint of platinum and gold accentuates the embedded narratives, revealing the intricate layers of detail. His art reflects the rhythm of urban life, presenting minuscule stories within grand architectural facades. Portraits seamlessly merge into the cityscape, forming abstract structures that camouflage amidst vast, enchanting landscapes and an industrial canvas.

Specifically designed for the Singapore context, two new paintings will be unveiled. Audiences will witness the live completion of one painting during the exhibition’s opening, a peek into Waras’s creative process and technique. It’s not the first time Waras, also known as M-City, has captivated Singaporean audiences. His work was featured in the 2018 ‘Art from the Streets’ exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, where he exhibited alongside esteemed artists such as Banksy, Faile, and D*Face under the watchful eye of curator Magda Danysz.

The collaboration between Waras and Dictador – ‘Dictador M-City Golden Cities’ – signals a groundbreaking moment in the art world. Dictador, renowned for pushing boundaries, offers an exclusive, invitation-only experience for a select group of art, style, and culture enthusiasts. Participants are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Dictador’s distillery in Cartagena, Colombia, and craft a personalized blend of aged rum alongside master distillers. Each bottle, unique in blend and design, showcases the boundless creativity and opulence of the project.

Adding an extra layer of exclusivity, M-City will embellish each bottle with a 24-carat gold city map, adding a personal touch for the client and enhancing the uniqueness of each blend. Priced in the millions, the edition is expected to reach a total worth of a billion dollars before its close. Dictador extends an invitation to clients to be part of this revolutionary endeavour, fostering impactful and innovative creations for the future.

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The first few of these exclusive bottles have already been procured, with starting prices from a whopping US$ 1,500,000. So, be prepared to be enchanted by this exceptional showcase of art, culture, and luxury at the Art Porters Gallery in Singapore.

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