In June 2023, KI NO BI, the pioneers of Japan’s first dedicated gin distillery, is set to unveil the KI NO BI Omakase Series in Singapore. This trailblazing venture will bring together the finest culinary maestros in Singapore’s Japanese dining scene and the refined craftsmanship of KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin.

In collaboration with Singapore’s prominent Japanese dining locales like Kappou, Ichigo Ichie, Omakase @ Stevens, Takayama, Sushi Hare, Hazuki, and the illustrious caviar partner, 8 Gems, the KI NO BI Omakase Series promises a gourmet journey unlike any other. The series will feature six handcrafted omakase menus, each inspired by the six aromatic elements that define the unique character of KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin.

The Omakase Series: Summer is not just another Omakase. It is an orchestrated union of the complex botanicals in KI NO BI’s artisanal gin with Japan’s premium summer harvest, setting a new standard for food and drink pairings.

From the Spice of Omakase @ Stevens to the Fruity/Floral charm of Takayama, the herbal elegance of Ichigo Ichie, Citrus zest of Sushi Hari, the grounding Base of Hazuki, to the refreshing Tea touch of Kappou, each establishment adds its distinctive flavour to the series. After a month of research and development, celebrity chefs of these esteemed establishments will present the aromatic elements of KI NO BI intertwined with rare seasonal harvest, reflecting their finesse and elegance.

KI NO BI is a small-batch gin, artfully crafted in Japan’s first dedicated gin distillery using the soft waters of Fushimi, revered for centuries for producing premium sake. Its unique character comes from 11 locally sourced botanicals, categorised into six aroma elements: Base, Citrus, Herbal, Spice, Green Tea, and Fruity & Floral.

The Omakase Series is a testament to KI NO BI’s devotion to quality and traditional rituals. This melding of Japanese culinary excellence with the artisanal spirit of KI NO BI presents a new poetry in food and drinks in an elegant setting. The KI NO BI Omakase Series: Summer is priced from $333++ per person and is available from 1 to 30 June 2023. Advance reservations are recommended to be made directly at the chosen restaurant.

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