MILO® brings a fresh wave of excitement with its launch of the Special Edition Sachet packs, a celebration of Singapore’s vibrant energy. Known for their dedication, perseverance, and resilience, Singaporeans will now have a unique MILO® experience that mirrors their indomitable spirit.

The limited-edition MILO® Special Edition Sachet packs offer six carefully curated sachet designs that encapsulate the unique Singaporean spirit. Moreover, in an exciting twist, MILO® has hidden 100 ‘HUAT’ Golden Sachets within these special edition packs. Lucky customers who discover these golden sachets will have the opportunity to redeem a piece of 24K gold, making their MILO® experience even more rewarding. The golden opportunity lasts till November 27, 2023.

The special edition packs are available in four delectable MILO® variants, namely the 3-in-1, Gao Siew Dai (Less Sugar), and the newly launched Gao Kosong (No Added Table Sugar) and Original. All four variants are proudly formulated and produced in Singapore, ensuring the best of quality and taste.

The MILO® Original, renowned for its signature malty taste, delivers a nourishing punch, with one cup providing the Calcium of a glass of milk, Iron of two plates of English spinach, and Vitamin C of half a mandarin orange.

Meanwhile, the world’s first MILO® Gao Kosong, comes with zero added table sugar, but retains the signature MILO® fragrance and maltiness, boosted with more protein for the energy needed every morning.

For those who prefer a richer flavor with reduced sweetness, the MILO® Gao Siew Dai variant, offering 50% less added table sugar, is the perfect choice. And, of course, MILO® 3-in-1 provides a balanced taste of maltiness, milkiness, and cocoa, made with skimmed milk powder, ensuring it remains low in fat.

All Singapore recipes of MILO® hold a Nutri-grade B rating and are lower in sugar, making them a healthier beverage choice that still delivers essential minerals and nutrients. Whether it’s the dedicated mother, the driven young man, or the stylish office lady, MILO® continues to energize Singaporeans, helping them to go further in their day-to-day life.

For more information on this exciting MILO® adventure, please visit MILO®’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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