Renowned global hip-hop icon, Snoop Dogg, and Singapore’s leading sneaker marketplace, Novelship, are bringing a groundbreaking partnership to Southeast Asia (SEA), marking an unprecedented move in the region’s booming sneaker culture. The American superstar will serve as the brand’s strategic advisor, reinforcing Novelship’s standing as a regional cultural powerhouse for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.


Novelship, established in 2018, has rapidly evolved from being Asia’s fastest-growing marketplace for trading authentic sneakers, limited-edition apparels, and exclusive collectibles to emerging as a leading fashion icon. The company’s exponential growth is evident with its user base doubling annually, and a remarkable increase in revenue and transactions, boasting an estimated 37% CAGR and 55% increase in transactions respectively.


The collaboration with Snoop Dogg promises to escalate the regional hype gear market to new heights. As Novelship seeks to extend its product offerings and reach a broader audience, Snoop Dogg’s endorsement will play a pivotal role in promoting accessibility to the latest trends and exclusive collections.

Highlighting the flourishing sneaker scene in Southeast Asia, expected to become a US$90.7 million market by the end of 2023, Snoop Dogg comments, “Novelship is keeping it real by making exclusive collections accessible to everyone. I’m thrilled to see how we can bring the most diverse and authentic styles to Asia.”

Snoop Dogg’s partnership aims to expand Novelship’s current selection, encompassing 30 sneaker brands and 40 apparel brands, and establish the platform as the preferred destination for acquiring the latest and most coveted gear. Novelship’s vision goes beyond providing limited releases, as Richard Xia, Co-Founder and CEO of Novelship, explains, “It’s becoming the zenith of self-expression – a statement piece that appeals to the collectors emotionally.”

By collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Novelship plans to shatter the ‘gatekeeping’ barrier within the sneaker community, fostering a more inclusive environment that celebrates individual styles and preferences, irrespective of the number of owned pairs or specific brand inclinations.

As Novelship continues its upward trajectory, the company is gearing up for its participation in the much-anticipated Sneakerland Australia this November. In celebration of their partnership, customers can use the code SNOOP to save S$20 off their first shoe purchase at Novelship until 16 July. Don’t miss out on Snoop’s Top Picks!

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