Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) presents an exciting fully sponsored journey to Kyushu, the island renowned for its diverse culinary palette and stunning landscapes, allowing Singapore residents to uncover Japan’s concealed treasures. In collaboration with JAPAN by Japan (JbyJ), and The Big-4 Cities of Kyushu, this culinary expedition promises authentic experiences curated by local connoisseurs.

A Culinary Expedition Through Kyushu’s Big 4

The culinary pilgrimage traverses through the enchanting cities of Fukuoka, a haven for Ramen aficionados; Kitakyushu, the portal to 19th-century Japan blending with modern culinary arts; Kumamoto, the strawberry sanctuary offering melt-in-your-mouth Akaushi beef; and Kagoshima, where Kurobuta and Wagyu delight the palate, and local shaved ice desserts captivate the senses.

Unravelling Japan’s Hidden Gems

This endeavor, as the last segment of a three-part series following the successful tours to Hokkaido and Hiroshima and San’in, is meticulously designed for culinary aficionados desiring to explore while celebrating life’s special moments in the backdrop of Japan’s pristine beauty. Each city in this journey serves a plateful of authentic flavors, enriched with history and local traditions, mirroring the region’s spirit.

Curation of Memories

Participants will collaboratively design their travel itineraries with JbyJ representatives, ensuring a harmonious blend of personal preferences and enriching experiences. This tour unfolds the possibility of celebrating significant moments, like birthdays, enveloped in the charm of Japan, creating timeless memories.

All-Encompassing Journey

JNTO, in partnership with local organizations, generously covers all travel-related expenses including airfare, accommodation, transportation, and meals, offering participants an undistracted immersion into the culture and culinary richness of Japan.

Participation and Application

This exclusive journey is open to Singapore residents, with specific conditions for participation. The application window is open from 28 September 2023 to 15 October 2023, with the travel slated for January 2024. Interested candidates can find more information and apply here.

Journey Highlights and Experiences

  1. In Fukuoka: Relish the renowned Tonkotsu Ramen amongst other local specialties.
  2. In Kitakyushu: Explore the nostalgic Mojiko Retro district, a mirror to the 19th-century architecture and lifestyle.
  3. In Kumamoto: Indulge in strawberry picking and savour the local Akaushi beef.
  4. In Kagoshima: Savor local favorites like Kurobuta shabu-shabu and Kagoshima Kuroushi Wagyu.

Celebrate and Explore with Us!

Embrace this rare opportunity to witness the culinary wonders and the undiluted culture of Kyushu, Japan. For detailed information, eligibility criteria, and applications, please visit JAPAN by Japan.

For Enquiries: Please direct any questions or clarifications to the JNTO Singapore Office or visit the official campaign page.

This is your chance to explore, relish, and celebrate in the lap of authentic Japanese luxury and tradition. Immerse yourself in the distinctive culinary and cultural tapestry of Kyushu and create unforgettable memories with JNTO’s once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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