The Singapore Media Festival (SMF), a cornerstone event in Asia’s media calendar, is back for its grand 10th edition. Running from November 30th to December 10th, 2023, this festival is set to dazzle with an array of new media skills, innovative technologies, and creators’ content.

Organized by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the festival expects to welcome over 50,000 media professionals, leaders, creators, and enthusiasts from around the globe. The event will be a convergence of different media aspects – including over 100 top films from the region, insights into the latest in pop culture, television, and new media.

The theme for this year, “Make It Here,” embodies the spirit of the festival – encouraging media entrepreneurs, talents, creators, and consumers to explore diverse media innovations, form strategic deals, and discover Singapore’s best offerings to the world. Since its inception in 2014, SMF has seen over 274,000 participants from 60 countries and facilitated deals worth S$3.04 billion (US$2.23 billion).

This year’s lineup includes the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), Singapore Comic Con (SGCC), and the new addition, Nas Summit Asia. Highlights of the festival include:

  • Nas Summit Asia: A new segment focusing on new media storytelling skills, organized in collaboration with Nas Daily. It offers an exceptional opportunity for local content creators to learn and potentially scale their content to regional and global audiences.
  • Creators Con: A segment of this year’s SGCC, where new media creators engage with their community through meet-and-greets and Q&A sessions, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • SGIFF: Showcasing the best of Asian cinema with over 100 films, including 20 world premieres.
  • ATF: High-level discussions and insights from industry leaders, along with showcases of emerging technology like virtual production and AI.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the Singapore Film Commission continues to be a champion for local talent and films, having supported over 800 projects since 1998.

The festival not only marks a decade of SMF’s journey in fostering media excellence but also stands as a testament to Singapore’s vibrant role in the global media landscape. For more details on the Singapore Media Festival and its partner events, visit IMDA’s SMF Page.

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