The FENDI x DEVIALET Mania portable speaker is a sophisticated blend of fashion and technology, epitomizing luxury audio gear. This collaboration was prominently featured in FENDI’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection at Milan Fashion Week, where the speaker complemented several runway looks, reflecting FENDI’s commitment to merging style with cutting-edge technology.

Crafted by Devialet’s French team, known for their expertise in haute technologie, the FENDI x DEVIALET Mania speaker is not just a visual marvel but also an acoustic powerhouse. It boasts a unique 360° stereo sound capability, made possible by its distinctive architecture and proprietary acoustic mapping technology. This tech allows the speaker to adapt its stereo soundstage to its environment, ensuring perfect treble and bass delivery regardless of the setting.

The speaker’s design is a nod to luxury and functionality. It’s wrapped in a technical FF case available in two color schemes: brown and tobacco with gold, or gray and black with silver. This choice of colors and materials reflects the luxurious essence of FENDI. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the speaker is designed to diffuse stereo sound homogeneously in all directions, providing an immersive listening experience from any position.

The FENDI x DEVIALET Mania portable speaker also features cutting-edge technology like Active Stereo Calibration (ASC) and Speaker Active Matching (ASM), enhancing its audio fidelity. ASC employs four microphones and advanced algorithms to adjust the audio output based on the surroundings, while ASM ensures optimal playback fidelity.

In terms of durability and convenience, the speaker is IPX4 rated, making it resistant to light moisture exposure, and includes a 3,200 mAh battery capable of up to 10 hours of wireless streaming. It’s designed with a top handle for easy movement and can be charged via USB-C PD. The speaker also supports voice assistant integration when connected to Wi-Fi, allowing users to control it and their smart home devices through voice commands.

The FENDI x DEVIALET Mania portable speaker is a luxurious accessory that stands at the intersection of high fashion and advanced audio technology, promising an unparalleled listening experience. It’s a perfect example of how luxury brands like FENDI are innovating in the tech space, blending their aesthetic sensibilities with the latest technological advancements

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