As Min Jiang at Dempsey marks another milestone, it invites guests to experience an unparalleled gastronomic festivity from 1 April to 31 May 2024, curated by the esteemed Master Chef Goh Chee Kong.

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Master Chef Goh Chee Kong

With a career spanning decades, Master Chef Goh Chee Kong is a vanguard of Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. His latest creations for Min Jiang at Dempsey’s anniversary are a testament to his dedication to culinary innovation while honoring tradition. This year’s theme revolves around the egg, a symbol deeply rooted in Chinese culture representing new beginnings and longevity.

Savor the Anniversary Specials: A Symphony of Flavors

The anniversary celebration introduces a 5-course set menu and à la carte options, meticulously designed to tantalize your taste buds:

  • Superior Appetiser Trio: A harmonious blend of egg-centric delicacies, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.
  • Crabmeat with Bamboo Pith in Pomegranate Egg White Parcel: A dish that combines the subtle flavors of the sea with the sweetness of pomegranate, encapsulated in a delicate egg white parcel.
  • Pan-fried U.S. Kurobuta Pork: A nod to Chef Goh’s signature dishes, enhanced with a secret sauce that adds depth and complexity.
  • Steamed Japanese ‘Mee Sua’ with Langoustine: A light yet flavorful dish that showcases the finesse of Japanese ‘Mee Sua’ in a golden broth.
  • Deep-fried Purple Sweet Potato Egg Lava Ball: The perfect ending to the feast, offering a sweet and creamy delight with every bite.

Exclusive Offerings: Beyond the Menu

In appreciation of your patronage, every order of the anniversary 5-course set menu comes with a complimentary mini bottle of Min Jiang at Dempsey’s homemade dried shrimp XO sauce, allowing you to take a piece of the celebration home.

Reserve Your Experience

This limited-time offering is an invitation to explore the depths of Cantonese and Sichuan culinary arts through the lens of Master Chef Goh Chee Kong. To secure your spot at this exclusive celebration, contact Min Jiang at Dempsey or make your reservation online.

About Min Jiang at Dempsey

Min Jiang at Dempsey continues the tradition of serving some of the best Chinese cooking to Singapore gourmands. The restaurant features extensive dining facilities, including a bar and alfresco space, and a contemporary chinoiserie interior. Alongside signature and specialty favourites, Master Chef Goh Chee Kong, a veteran of Min Jiang, serves a new menu showcasing Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines; with creations that conserve familiar flavours, but with contemporary presentations. With its prime lifestyle location, exquisite food and service, and chic ambience, Min Jiang at Dempsey is the perfect setting for any occasion, and a destination for lovers of fine Chinese cuisine. 

About Goodwood Park Hotel

An icon on Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel is housed in a uniquely designed building that dates back to 1900. Regarded as a distinguished institution in hospitality circles, the Hotel is also one of the most reputable pioneers of the tourism industry. Much of her original beauty has been faithfully restored and her majestic air artfully accentuated with fluted columns, delicate woodworks, decorative plasterwork and graceful archways. Through the years, she has gained recognition for her exquisite elegance, legendary charm and tradition of excellence, with her Grand Tower gazetted a national monument in 1989. The Hotel has five distinctive restaurants, each providing a unique dining experience, along with a deli, a bar, two outdoor swimming pools and a fitness centre. 

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