X3D Studio has set a new benchmark in the film industry with the launch of Southeast Asia’s largest virtual production studio. Located in a refurbished 40,000-square-foot former power station in Singapore, this state-of-the-art facility represents a significant leap forward in filmmaking technology. With an investment of S$8 million, X3D Studio combines cutting-edge technology with a rich historical setting, offering filmmakers unprecedented opportunities to bring their visions to life.

Unrivalled Technology and ARRI Accreditation

X3D Studio is the first virtual production stage globally to receive accreditation from ARRI, a leader in motion picture technology. This accreditation ensures that the studio meets the highest standards in virtual production, integrating ARRI’s advanced Color Management for Virtual Production and utilizing top-tier equipment such as the ALEXA 35 camera and Signature Prime lenses.

The studio features INFiLED’s state-of-the-art LED displays, which offer exceptional colour accuracy, resolution, and dynamic range. These displays are powered by Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 Processors, ensuring reliable performance and colour accuracy. Additionally, the integration of OptiTrack motion capture systems provides precise camera tracking and real-time visual adjustments, enhancing the overall production quality.

Showcasing Local Talent

To celebrate its launch, X3D Studio is releasing two virtual production short films, “Trap” and “Dead End,” featuring local stars Qi Yuwu, Oon Shu An, and Andrew Lua. These films demonstrate the studio’s capability to create hyper-realistic sets and complex visual effects, showcasing the potential of virtual production to revolutionize traditional filmmaking methods.

A Versatile Creative Hub

Beyond film production, X3D Studio offers versatile spaces for private events, making it a prime venue for various creative projects and corporate functions. The studio’s advanced technology and immersive environments provide endless possibilities for industries such as real estate and tourism, allowing for the creation of dynamic and engaging visual experiences.

Commitment to Education and Innovation

X3D Studio is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. In collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic, the studio offers courses in virtual production, covering essential tools, techniques, and advanced workflows. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) supports these initiatives with significant funding to enhance local virtual production capabilities.

Future Prospects

With its advanced facilities and ARRI accreditation, X3D Studio is poised to become a global leader in virtual production. By providing filmmakers with the latest technology and creative support, X3D Studio aims to transform Singapore into a hub for cutting-edge film production.

For more information on X3D Studio, visit their official website and stay updated with their latest projects on their YouTube channel and Instagram.

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