HP Powers Music Matters Live & YouTube FanFest

Photos of your favorite Youtube artiste here 21 May 2013, Singapore – HP will power the award-winning Digital & Music Matters taking place here from 20-24 May. This year’s week-long conference…

14 March 2013 – Samsung GALAXY S IV

In just a few short weeks Samsung will unveil the GALAXY S IV. Expectations will be high and a lot of eyes will be watching. It was rumored that the GALAXY S IV will have a higher resolution screen, but other details are scarce. But Samsung has been aggressive in its advertising and has recently been out-innovating Apple to offer consumer a totally fresh outlook on smartphones.

CES 2013 – Sony Corp.

Sony announced a whole lot of products this year that did WOW us. The Bravia Ultra HD 4k TV, NFC wireless speakers, waterproof walkman and not to mention the Xperia Z that is poised to take the mobile world by storm.