14 March 2013 – Samsung GALAXY S IV


27 February 2013, Singapore – Samsung stole much of the limelight last year after its GALAXY S III becoming the first smartphone to outsell the iPhone. The partnership of Google Android and Samsung has gone a long way. Their fresh look and functionality has certainly made the people at Cupertino a little jittery.



In just a few short weeks Samsung will unveil the GALAXY S IV. Expectations will be high and a lot of eyes will be watching. It was rumored that the GALAXY S IV will have a higher resolution screen, but other details are scarce. But Samsung has been aggressive in its advertising and has recently been out-innovating Apple to offer consumer a totally fresh outlook on smartphones.

The Metropolitant Team too are looking forward to the GALAXY S IV announcement, which you can follow live via the youtube channel below.

Samsung Mobile YouTube live stream

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