Fruit Drinks Are Ruining Your Diet Plans

1st November 2012, Singapore – So you made a new resolution to lose weight. Making sure you order fruit juices instead of the sugar laden aerated drinks. That might just be the biggest mistake. We drink most of our sugar intake and soda gets most of the blame. The fact is, fruit drinks are soda in disguise.

FDA states that any drink can be called a ‘fruit drink’ as long as it has some fruit juice component. But, only 44% of the fruit drinks contains any juice. And some under the pseudonyms of juice beverages, fruit cocktail and fruit-flavoured drinks have less than 1% if fruit juices.

Some of the biggest offenders are Minute maid, Snapple and Capri Sun.

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If you are under the impression that fruit drinks are healthy, you are very wrong. Not only they have more calories than a fried chicken leg, they contain more sugar than 2.5 glazed Krispy Kreme.

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So, what can you do as consumers?

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So boys and girls, humans throughout history have maintained hydration fine without the need to indulge in sugary drinks. When you are thirsty, grab a glass of water.

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