5 Excuses For Being Late For Work

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5 November 2012, Singapore – Lets face it, no matter how much you love your job, or your boss, you will be late once in a blue moon. Even the most conscientious employee will find himself rolling into work late and we’ve decided to share some of our favourite excuses. If you feel the credibility isn’t there, try using 2 of the examples to give that extra oomph!

Train/Bus Delay
When we are experiencing train breakdowns at such high frequency, this will sound really credible. With the influx of China bus drivers, even the excuse of bus drivers getting lost sounds believable. Not applicable to people who drives.

Pets in distress
This usually works best when your boss is an animal lover. Tell them your pet cat/dog/hamster had diarrhoea and was vomiting the entire night. You had to send them to the vet overnight and that is why you were late this morning. Note, the larger the animal, the bigger the impact.

Sick (Migrane)
If you are just 1-2 hours late, save on that Medical Leave. Tell your boss you were having a bad case of migraine this morning and you had to sit at home for that 1 hour to wait for it to subside. If the doctors have to take so much effort to diagnose a migraine, your boss will not be able to tell if you were lying.

Witness a crime/accident
Great excuse to use if you are not working in the police force. Tell them how you pull the survivor out of the car wreckage, or how you were helping that old lady chase down the snatch thief. Execute well and you may even get a few new admirers in the office.

Alarm malfunction
This is my favourite excuse. We are all prone to human errors, my alarm was set to PM instead of AM sounds totally believable. Claim the battery was flat and if you are using a mobile phone as alarm. Dont use this too often or you will be getting an alarm clock for your Christmas present.

In a recent survey 33 percent of workers blamed traffic for being late for work. Another 24 percent blamed lack of sleep. Ten percent claimed their kids made them late. So if you find the above excuses ridiculous, just follow what the 33 percent of the people used, blame the traffic.

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