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19 Nov 2012, Singapore – The Metropolitant team found out that NeNe Chicken is now in Singapore. Other than the very ‘interesting’ name, we are curious if NeNe Chicken can satisfy the fickle palates of Singaporeans. Founded in 1999, it has now 1003 stores and counting in South Korea alone. Singapore marks the first destination out of South Korea to have NeNe Chicken. NeNe Chicken started by C.H. Hyun’s dream to be more than just a good neighbor and good friend. So yes, he shares his dreams with his NeNe. Ne Ne means “yes yes” in Korean, and that seemed to be the perfect name for Hyun’s new venture. Ne Ne also refers to the Asian philosophy of Flow, the principle that presides over consciousness, happiness, enjoyment of life and other positive aspects of being.

Featuring fresh chicken and a happy, positive lifestyle, Ne Ne Chicken became one of the favorite chicken brands in Korea. “All natural ingredients with no artificial flavor, and fresh, wholesome tasting chicken,” that’s what Ne Ne delivers to customers. “Sharing happy lifestyle,” in Hyun’s words, is Ne Ne’s pursuit and philosophy that has been upheld since the beginning. “We aim to sell a lot more than just a piece of tasty chicken, we strive to spread our happy spirit, one satisfied customer at a time.” Ne Ne Chicken offers a variety of preparation styles, fried, grilled or baked, as well as a choice of side dishes.



Targeting the kids, this nifty creation consists of a cup filled with icy-cold soda and a special container that fits neatly on top to hold mini hash balls and NeNe popcorn chicken.

Green Onion Chicken Tender Boneless
When the Green Onion chicken was first introduced in Korea, it sold over one million orders in less than eight months. The tasty sauce is made by combining soy sauce, mustard and just a touch of sugar. A heap of freshly shredded green onions is served on top of the hot chicken.

Snowing Cheese Tender Boneless
Those who love the combination of both sweet and salty flavours will enjoy this selection as the chicken tender pieces are layered with a generous sprinkling of powdered cheese.

Freaking Hot Chicken 9-pc whole chicken / Wings & Sticks
The ultimate in hot and spicy chicken. Not for the weak hearted we’ve been told. This distinct fiery sauce is made with hot chilli peppers, a hint of ketchup, garlic, onion and sugar, and is a big hit with Koreans who love their food extra spicy.

Why don’t everyone head down and give it a go, let us know what you feel about it and we will be glad to share it with everyone.

Location: NENE Star Vista: 1 Vista Exchange Green, Star Vista, #01-24 Singapore 138617

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Main Dishes

CLASSIC Swicy 9-pc whole chicken + 2 side salads $25.90
CLASSIC Freaking Hot 9-pc whole chicken + 2 side salads $25.90
Wings & Sticks 16-pc Bulgogi + 2 side salads $21.90
Wings & Sticks 16-pc Freaking Hot + 2 side salads $21.90
Black Sesame Tender Boneless (approx 35 pieces) + 2 side salads $26.90
Green Onion Tender Boneless (approx 35 pieces) + 2 side salads $26.90
Snowing Cheese Tender Boneless (approx 35 pieces) + 2 side salads $26.90
NeNePOP $5.90


Side Dishes

Pickled Radish $1.90
NeNe Coleslaw $1.90
Corn Salad $1.90



Buffalo Sticks (shoestring fries) Regular – $2.50 / Large – $2.90
NeNe Salad $4.50


Super Meals

Black Sesame Tender Boneless OR Green Onion Tender Boneless + 1 regular buffalo sticks + 1 6oz drink + 1 pickled radish $13.90
Two piece Swicy + 1 regular buffalo sticks + 16oz drink + 1 pickled radish $8.90
Three piece Swicy + 1 regular buffalo sticks + 16oz drink + 1 pickled radish $11.90


Kids’ Meal

One piece Snowing Cheese + 1 regular buffalo sticks + 16oz drink $6.90

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