Seiko Astron launched in Singapore

22 November 2012, Singapore – The new Seiko Astron GPS solar watch is finally launched here in Singapore! This is the one watch that will make James Bond jealous.

The Seiko Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch. Being solar powered, no external power source is required to activate the GPS feature! The cool factor about this watch is that it can connect to the GPS network to all 39 timezones on earth and tells time to an atomic clock precision! This means that you get the most accurate time anywhere on planet earth, all within a single touch of a button. This is a dream come true for our globetrotting readers – no more hassle of manual adjustment of your watch upon landing in a different timezone. It takes a mere 6 seconds for the time to self-correct and just 30 seconds for the location and the adjustment to the local timezone. As long as you can see the sky, you will have the accurate time on demand.

The Seiko Astron

A lot of research dollars is spent to create a ultra-low energy consumption of the GPS module, enough to be powered by light source alone. Amazing testament to how advanced technology has developed. The watch itself is powered by lithium ion battery, similar to those used in mobile phones. For the Seiko Astron, it uses a small lithium ion secondary battery and it is monitored by a new chip to regulate the power charge and discharge to ensure that it has a long life.


How much and where can you get it?

The Seiko Astron is available from all Seiko boutiques and City Chain outlets. Price starts at S$3210 for the stainless steel casing up to S$4387 for the high-intensity titanium casing with black hard coating with ceramic bezel.




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