BangkokJam at Plaza Singapura’s New Wing

22 November 2012, Singapore – Friends told me this place serves up some mean Thai food. So, when Hoshino had a really long queue, I settled for Thai food at the new BangkokJam on the 3 floor of Plaza Singapura. Service was pretty prompt and polite as we took our orders. Just a slight annoyance from the waiter when I took too long to decide what I wanted to drink.  I chose Thai Milk Tea(S$4.80) and the other Metropolitant Team member took the Ice Lemon Tea(S$4.80).

The Thai Milk Tea was a cup of watered down brown syrup. I don’t recall tasting such bland Thai ice tea in Bangkok. Their version of the Thai Milk Tea reminded me of rose syrup mixed with too much water, just that this cup I’m drinking is brown. No complaints for the Ice Lemon Tea cause it wasn’t memorable.

First dish was served! And voila, I was presented with a cute little black ‘pot’ on a plate with rice and some steam vegetables.  It was the Green Curry Chicken(S$11.50) I ordered. Portion was pretty small for an S$11.50 main dish.  The dish sat on my table for 8minutes and 7seconds(yes, I have a stop watch with me) before they gave me a set of cutlery to eat my dinner. The curry was actually decent if you actually like your curry very salty and oily. You can tell the curry has been reheated as the chicken inside was way too tough.

The second dish looks promising. The Seafood Pad Thai(S$11.90) had great texture and flavour, but it would have been better if they added more bean sprout. After a few mouthfuls, you will realise the noodles are actually a little too chewy and the whole plate of Pad Thai just reminded me of a bowl of Meepok Dry gone wrong.

Ah, then came the highlight of the evening, the Pomelo Salad with Shrimp(S$10.50). Although the portion as awfully small for a salad that cost that much, the tangy flavor of the pomelo and the yummy toasted cashew nuts made this the best dish of the night. Yes, a plate of salad was the best dish.

The next dish was a joke. The Bangkok Mix Grill(S$23.00) was the most expensive dish of the evening. Consisting of very very very dry beef slices that tasted like cardboard, cuttlefish(sotong) that reminded me of the TRX band you use in the gym, over cooked chicken thigh and over cooked prawns. You definitely need toothpicks if you order this dish. And if you are wearing braces, avoid this dish at all cost. Trust me.

I wanted to eat my favourite Fried Omelette with Pork(S$10.50) along with my Thai Green Curry. Sadly, it didn’t happen as these 2 dishes were 26 minutes apart. The egg was oh so fluffy and looked so inviting. But biting into it made me want to swallow 20 sheets of oil blotter, it was just to oily and salty. I tried to find the mince pork in the omelette,  but it was harder than a fat man tying his shoe lace(fat jokes allowed cause our Editor is a fatty too).

The waitress probably saw our face turn green from too much sodium, and she promptly brought us 2 cups of ice water, with a big smile.

The entire meal cost me S$90.63 for 2 person. It would be nice if I didn’t pay that much for calories that taster so bad.

I’m not giving up on you BangkokJam, so your I’m hoping your Great World City and Wheelock Place outlet wont fail me.

Note: This is an incognito tasting. (Cost of the meal is paid by the reviewer)

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