The Last Print Issue Of Newsweek

The cover of Newsweek last print issue.
The cover of Newsweek last print issue.

26 December 2012, Singapore – For those who went through A-Levels would have experienced a love & hate affair with Newsweek. Countless articles were forced down our throats by our General Paper tutors to keep us abreast on current affairs and to give our essay writing a competitive edge. After nearly 80 years of publication, Newsweek’s last print issue has now hit the newsstand. That’s right, after 31 December 2012, there will not be anymore print edition of this well known news magazine. Due to the slumping readership and it is exceedingly expensive to keep print issues afloat.

From 2013 onwards, it will only be available online under a new name Newsweek Global, which would target online and highly mobile audience. The cover of the final print issue will feature a past photo of the New York City office building surrounded by a sea of familiar skyscrapers with a hashtag #LastPrintIssue, which clearly illustrates the publication’s transition to modern times, embracing the digital age.

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