Color + Form + Function – Approaches to Abstraction

King Pleasure, 2011 by Pard MorrisonFired Pigment on Aluminum
King Pleasure, 2011 by Pard Morrison
Fired Pigment on Aluminum

2 January 2013, Singapore – If you are into fine arts and an abstract art lover, you will be thrilled to learn that Collectors Contemporary is holding the “Color + Form + Function – Approaches to Abstraction” exhibition scheduled to run from 17 January to 28 February 2013.

“Colour + Form + Function” explores the potential of colour, the significance of physical process, the materiality of paint and the primacy of form. This particular exhibition focuses on the interplay of the function of colors and forms that will enact a unique approach to abstraction. The exhibition showcases work by acclaimed artists who occupy an important position in relation to a heritage of abstract art. Big name artists such as: Charles Arnoldi, Paul Jenkins, Anish Kapoor, Sarah Morris, Daniel Buren, Richard Serra, Pard Morrison, James Nares, Wonkun Jun, Jeff Kellar and Norman Mooney will have their works featured at the exhibition.

To Be Decided, 2010 by Charles Arnoldi Acrylic on canvas
To Be Decided, 2010 by Charles Arnoldi Acrylic on canvas

If you plan to impress your dates on the particular evening but know nothing about abstract art, you should attempt to memorize the following paragraph by heart:

The exhibition takes, as a starting point, the notion that abstract art does not seek to directly re-present the physical world using familiar languages of literal or figurative representation but instead involves the creation of new and alternate ways of experiencing the world and the art object through a language of form. This can involve the concept that the art object does not seek to represent anything outside of itself. Or that art lies in the process or action of its creation. For some artists in the exhibition, abstract forms distil a relationship with an emotional, spiritual or physical realm. Abstraction can also involve the exploration of space or the embodiment of energy. Colour is present in the exhibition as a powerful visual and sensory force that functions in dialogue with the physicality and composition of the work.

Phenomena Wind Harp, 1974 by Paul JenkinsOil on canvas
Phenomena Wind Harp, 1974 by Paul Jenkins
Oil on canvas

“Colour + Form + Function” presents artworks of both beauty and conceptual rigour. Each artist can be seen to explore colour, form and process in order to evoke a range of responses in the viewer; responses that can be at once visceral, sensory, intellectual and emotional. Even if you are not really into fine arts, this exhibition promises to trigger and excite your right brain. Plus, you might go home feeling a little more refined and sophisticated *wink*.

More Information:

Colour + Form + Function Approaches to Abstraction

17 January – 28 February 2013
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday [11am – 7pm]
Opening Reception: 17 February 2013 [7 – 9pm]

Curator’s Tour: 19 January 2013 [3 – 4pm]. With Jennifer Copley, Curator for Colour + Form + Function Please reserve a seat by emailing

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#01-03 Petro Centre
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