Hello Touch – Wearable Vibrators From JimmyJane


16 January 2013, Singapore – JimmyJane first won mainstream acclaim for its simple, pared-down approach to designing vibrators that helped bring the devices into popular TV shows like “Sex and the City” and fashion magazines like Vogue.

JimmyJane’s new Hello Touch will turn two of your fingers in natural vibrators that you can apply all over your body. You can put your fingers inside your favourite cavity and the vibration pod will fit comfortably in and stay securely put on your fingers.

Hello Touch stands out in its lineup of vibrators. Being a wearable gadget, the Hello Touch’s battery pack is strapped to the user with a wristband and connected to the two vibrators with a white cable.

This may be the the ‘thing’ to turn you into the next awesome sex toy.

Hello Touch is available here

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