Facebook’s New Graph Search Makes Stalking Your Friends Easier

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16 January 2013, Singapore – If you used Internet to search restaurant recommendations, travel advice, books to read on vacation, Facebook may have replaced Google as the best search engine. Facebook’s new Graph Search lets you know about all the cool things your friends experienced that you would want to know too.

With graph search you can look up anything shared with you on Facebook, and others can find stuff you’ve shared with them. That means different people see different results.

You can find people based on things they’ve shared with you, including their interests and profile info. You can find photos you and your friends have posted or been tagged in. Others will see any photos they can see on Facebook, including photos hidden from timeline.
Graph Search is centered around finding four types of things: People, Photos, Places and Interests. You can find Apps that are used by friends of friends, or doctors liked by other doctors. Find photos of dogs from your female friends who live in Johor Bahru. Literally anything in the Facebook universe that’s connected in a way that you are or want to be connected.

 This will definitely be the best stalker tool out there.

Want to sign up for the beta, learn more about Graph Search? Click here

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