Small Fry Bakes – The Start Of Good Things To Come


30 January 2013, Singapore – Whenever a significant love one’s birthday/anniversary or any sort of special occasion arrives, I’d always look for out-of-the-ordinary confectioneries which adds a dash of special touch (and of course , the effort it takes to find it). This time I’ve hit the jackpot with Small Fry bakes. Introduced by a lovely university school mate, Small Fry Bakes crafts cakes which are perfected in the choice of high-quality ingredients and design, with a simple goal in mind : to bring people closer through the love of baking.

logo cake

“The Baker’s Story
Small Fry, the baker, absolutely enjoys the process of turning simple (but honest) ingredients into treats that gladden the hearts of people she loves. The challenge of marrying exquisite taste to charming design excites her. Eventually the decision for a career switch became natural with her increasing passion to be part of happy events. Her one year experience with a prestigious hotel lends depth to her love for the fun of baking.”

I was in search of the perfect Chocolate Cake to surprise the boyfriend and I left it in the hands of Small Fry Bakes. Specifying just that one must-have ingredient, chocolate, this was the final product: I am a Chocolate Warrior! Made with 55% cocoa chocolate and Valrhona chocolate pearls, this simply decorated yet decadent moist cake left me satiated and fulfilled my chocolate craving. Slicing into the cake, revealing its inner layers, you helplessly fall in love with it and have to withhold the urge to just dig in (only you can’t, since you have to serve the others first). The alternating layers of chocolate sponge and mousse ganache were glazed with Valrhona chocolate pearls in the middle which gave more bite and texture. It was also made less sweet which highlighted the cocoa flavour. This was different compared to other chocolate cake connoisseurs in the market. Unlike other competitors, this chocolate cake epitomizes how a sinful cake should taste, look and feel when it is first presented. Needless to say, the birthday boy was indeed very happy with his surprise cake and Small Fry bakes definitely made it to my list of must-try cakes.


I would definitely be back to try out more of their confectionery from Small Fry Bakes. Sometimes, the insignificant ones are those who create the start of good things to come.  Why not surprise someone today with a cake or two from Small Fry Bakes?

Please check out her Facebook page for more updates for Chinese New Year goodies and other selections of cakes.

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