Ultimate Travel Prize – Biggest Baddest Bucket List


31 January 2013, Singapore –  If traveling and soaking the wonders of the world is your kind of thing, Mydestination.com Biggest Baddest Bucket List online contest will make any globetrotting enthusiasts drooling on the grand prize. The winner of the online contest will get an all expenses paid travel to six continents for six months! The best part, you choose your destinations and you will receive US$50,000 upon return from your looonnnggg holiday.

All you need to do is post 3 minute long video of your favorite destination (it can even be your hometown), one written tale of your fondest travel memory (not more than 500 words) and 3 photos to accompany the travel story you have written. You still have about 60 days to post an entry before it closes. Five entries will be chosen through popular votes and another 5 will be chosen by Mydestination.com.

It will indeed be a bad ass bucket list. Imagine yourself setting off for an adventure of a lifetime for 6 months (skydiving anyone?). I bet it will be one you will never ever forget.

Head on here to read more about the contest and post an entry!

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