It Is Confirmed – Playstation 4



1 February 2013, Singapore – Sony Corporation just released a cool teaser to the media on an event coming on 20 February 2013. The official Playstation Facebook fan page has now been updated with a banner  that indeed Sony Corp. is going to announce the highly anticipated Playstation 4 console on 20 February 2013 at 6 pm EST (7 pm Singapore time). This means that Microsoft is likely to pull up their socks to announce their equally anticipated Xbox 720. According to Wall Street Journal report, the new PS 4 is likely to retain the Blu-ray disc bay and focus more on “social gaming” aspects.

To follow the buzz as the event unfolds, you can follow the hashtag #playstation2013 on Twitter.

The Metropolitant Team is definitely pumped by this news. We will update you with the link to the official webcast when we receive the link from Sony.




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