Japanese Hina-Matsuri Festival In Singapore – Liang Court

Hina-kazari (Doll collection)

1 February 2013, Singapore – Hina-matsuri is a festival that takes place every year on 3 March to celebrate and wish good health and happiness for the daughters of a Japanese household. Families celebrate by putting up ornamental dolls on display shelves called “Hina-ningyo” at home. These dolls are dressed in costumes of the imperial court with the Emperor and Empress being at the topmost tier.

Chirashi Zushi

Liang Court will be celebrating the Japanese festival of Hina-matsuri (Japanese Doll festival) from 15 February to 3 March 2013. There will be a variety of activities taking place during the weekends ranging from kids’ sushi and origami-making workshops, traditional Japanese games and a “Girls’ party” to celebrate the festival.

Hina-arare (bite-sized Japanese crackers)

Liang Court will be celebrating over three weeks from 15 February to 3 March.

  • Emperor and Empress Origami Workshop for Kids (23 February) – Kids and parents are invited to join the workshop and learn how to make Origami using Japanese folding techniques
  • Hina-matsuri Sushi making workshop for kids (23 February) – Kids and parents can join in and learn to make the Emperor Sushi Roll.
  • Tosenkyo (24 February) – A traditional Edo-era game where shoppers can test their skill by tossing an open fan to hit a target about one metre away
  • Mega Chirashi zushi (2 March) – Join fellow shoppers in an attempt to build a mega-sized portion of this traditional Japanese dish and set a “first in Singapore” record.
  • Girl’s Party (3 March) – To celebrate the actual day of Hina-matsuri, Liang Court is hosting a party for shoppers. There will be performances by Ryna and The Sakura Band as well as free samplings of traditional Hina-matsuri foods and snacks. All party guests will receive an exclusive Hina-arare (bite- sized Japanese crackers made from glutinous rice and favoured with soy sauce) goodie bag. Come dressed in a yukata and get free entry to the party.

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