Ciracle’s Repairing Snail V3 Cream

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25 February 2013, Singapore -After all the Chinese New Year vistings, some of us probably had the ‘’Omg, you look so much older now’’ comments from our sneaky relatives and friends. Well, fret not! I’ve discovered an interesting product from Ciracle, the Repairing Snail V3 Cream.  This product allows allow skin cell regeneration, healing, acne and blemishes, protecting skin against harmful UV rays and providing anti-ageing qualities. The icky but interesting part? It comes from the little garden creatures – Snails.

Snail Cream has been quite popular in Korea beauty trends and snail mucus has its roots traced back to ancient Greeks. Snail mucus was generally used as a treatment to heal wounds and soothe inflamed skin. This repairing Snail cream is infused with ultra-moisturizing properties that penetrate deep within the skin. Hence, the skin is hydrated from inside out. In addition, collagen and elastin production within the skin is activated with snail mucus extracts that prevents sagging skin. The active ingredient in the snail mucus is glycolic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter and younger looking skin.

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I’ve decided to do a review after all the raves about Snail Cream! The cream is very soft and had a pleasant ‘’green-tea’’ scent. I only used a small pea-sized drop for my entire face. The cream was easy to blend and I could definitely feel its moisturizing properties after applying it. It felt a little sticky upon application and took about 5 minutes to dry before I could put on my makeup.

My skin did feel very soft and hydrated throughout the day but my T-zone did show some oiliness after about 4 hours, which is quite normal for me with other moisturizers. The best part about this cream is that it gave my skin a slightly plumped up glowy ‘’effect’’ which is reminiscent of those Korean actresses in the drama serials. I would definitely try this out for a few more days to decide on its anti-ageing effect.

The Ciracle Repairing Snail V3 Cream is available at selected BHG oulets and their website Ciracle at SGD39.90.

Reviewer: Michelle Tan

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