5 Facts You Don’t Know About Bananas


25 February 2013, Singapore – You might eat a banana before you go for your marathon, when your bowels are not exactly erm, functioning well or just because it decreases the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. There are more uses for the yummy fruit, but lets look at some facts you don’t know about the banana.

1) Bananas are naturally radioactive.
So watch where you put it, but since we are exposed to low level of radiation each day, its not that big of a deal.

2) Bananas are fantastic for hangovers.
The rich amount of potassium is great for your heavy drinking days. Munch on it before bed or after you wake up. Trust me, it helps. (our editor is an alcoholic)

3) Banana Trees are not trees.
The banana tree is technically an herb as they are all offshoots of one another.

4) A bunch of bananas is called a hand.
A cluster of bananas is officially called a “hand,” and each banana is a “finger.” Why? because the word “banana” is thought to be derived from the Arabic word “banaan,” which means “finger” or “fingertips.”

5) Banana ‘Trees’ bear fruit once, then dies.
The banana tree or herb bears only one bunch of bananas and then dies. But before that, it’ll leave behind a shoot for the next plant to grow.

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