Epicurean Winter Delights At Sushi Tei – Till 25th March

Sushi Tei Epicurean Winter Menu - Ankimo Ponzu
Ankimo Ponzu ($6.50)

1 March 2013, Singapore – Home-grown restaurant chain for Japanese cuisine, Sushi Tei, will be having their promotional menu: Epicurean Winter Delights. The seasonal promotion items will end on the 25th March 2013.

The seasonal menu includes abalone (awabi), monkfish liver (anko ankimo), and oysters (kaki). There are a few dishes you definitely need to try from this seasonal menu. One of them would be the Ankimo Ponzu ($6.50), the luscious texture and the exquisite creaminess of monkfish liver will make you ask for seconds.

The Bamboo Oyster Roll ($8)

The Bamboo Oyster Roll ($8) makes use of cucumber strips to create the bamboo shell, filled with pan-fried oysters and egg topped with diced tomatoes and then lightly drizzled with a sesame sauce. The crunchy cucumber complements the warm oysters in the middle. Oyster lovers, you will need to order this dish.

Kaki Kimchi Nabe ($14)
Kaki Kimchi Nabe ($14)

No winter is complete without a Nabe. The Kaki Kimchi Nabe ($14), a simmering hotpot of plump oysters, kimchi and a myriad of vegetables. Try this dish with a bowl of rice, and you will definitely feel the warmth on a rainy day.

Check out the pictures of the other dishes, and head down to Sushi Tei to om nom nom away.

*The menu is available at all Sushi Tei outlets.


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