Review – Le Noir 12 – 31 March 2013, Sands Theatre


Cirque du Lingerie/ Fifty shades of Cirque


13 March 2013, Singapore – Circuses have always been a fascination to me, and the billed “risqué, seductive and hilariously naughty” exploration of circus acts performed in lace teddies pique my interest. Visually it did not disappoint.

The performers – male and female, first come out in virginal white, sexy angel wear. Feathers, lace and high heels, oh my! A second act costume change in red “play-gear” and a final change to gothy black and leather would probably satisfy most perversions. The girls are curvy and flirty, tossing their bouffant hair and blowing kisses. The guys are ripped and look very smush-able. All bouncing to seductive house music.

The show on the other hand is a bit more pedestrian. A cross between a Victoria Secret’s runway show, and the other more famous Cirque, Le Noir wants to be “intimate”. Small stage for a small crew -acrobats swing, and contortionists bend and twirl, and jugglers juggle. They all do more than a passable job eliciting oohs-and-ahs from the crowd, but the feeling at the end is that we’ve seen it all before, and maybe better.

And it’s fun for the whole family. Despite the sensual theme, the show is PG and not highly sexualized once you get past the boudoir outfits. While my mom might blush as the nakedness, it would hardly shock her into leaving. The sensationalism of the lingerie at the start winds down to normality somewhere during the intermission and then you’re just focusing on the acts.

If you go, spring for the more expensive seats, as the small stage means you want to be as close to the action as possible. And it’s a good idea to wear nice undies that night.

Reviewed by Doris Tian

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