Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled

Samsung GALAXY S4 launch
Samsung GALAXY S4 launch


15 March 2013, Singapore – The highly anticipated phone is finally unveiled just moments ago at New York city. The new Samsung GALAXY S4. Front outlook wise, it does not differ much from the S3, except that it has a bigger screen, thinner and lighter at 140g. It features a HD Super AMOLED display has over 400 ppi. This is almost double to the Retina display.

Storage wise, it comes with the standard offerings of 16/32/64 GB of storage, which can be expanded via micro SD card. Unfortunately, it still has plastic casings (polycarbonate). It comes in two colors: Black & White.

The GALAXY S4 comes with software enhancements that looked attractive during the demo. Obviously, this is a 4G LTE phone PLUS an infra-red sensor which an be used as remote for home appliances. For shutterbugs, this phone packs a 13 megapixel back camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera. One interesting feature that might interest to shutterbugs is the ability to ‘insert’ the person taking the picture (imagine a family photo scenario) into the main composed photograph. That way, no one will have to stand out of the picture.

Other notable features:

  • S-Translator – Translates voice or text through your phone (9 languages – to be confirmed)
  • S-Drive – a voice navigator/assistance, which can be handy when driving
  • Integration with NFC devices, for example Home Sync.
  • Enhanced security with Samsung
  • Group play, using your phone (and your friends) and turn it into an instant home speaker system, play games, share photos etc.
  • Eye tracking system – Samsung Smart Scroll/Pause
  • S-Health to use your phone asa health companion.

More updates later on.

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