Sony Extra Bass Headphone Series – The MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610



25 March 2013, Singapore – Nowadays, headphones must serve at least dual fuction. First, it has to give that ommph when it comes to audio. Second, it has to be stylish. That seems to be the message that consumers are sending to the manufacturers AND this is SONY’s answer – a headphone that pack a punch in terms of audio that comes in sleek design.

Introducing the latest Sony Extra Bass headphone series – the MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610 (that was quite a mouthful). The uber chic MDR-XB920 features a 50 mm driver units and high-energy neodymium magnets that serves to reproduce note to note from the deepest bass to the highest treble your music the way it is meant to be played. If that is not cool enough, it also has the specially designed Direct-Vibe structure that creates that perfectly sealed acoustic enclosure when we are enjoying our favorite music for that mind blowing levels of euphonic euphoria~!
The little brother MDR-XB610 comes with a 40 mm driver unit which still pack a punch when it comes to music.


The MDR-XB920 comes in silver with black or silver with red (my personal favorite). On the other hand, the MDR-610 is available in silver with white and silver with orange (another favorite).


And of course, your personal comfort is taken care of. Both MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610 comes with a comfy and cushy urethane foam that is exceptionally comfortable and helps to reduce the ambient noise. Not only that, the headphones can be conveniently folded and packed away in your purse or backpack.


The higher end MDR-XB920 comes with an in-line remote that allows you to control music playback from your smartphone, regardless of what operating system it operates on: iOS, Android or BlackBerry. PLUS it comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to make/receive call with ease. Of course, since SONY also produces Android phones, Android users will have an additional perk. Android phone users can download Sony’s Smart Key App, which allows them to personalise their headphones by configuring the call key button when taking a call, listening to music or the radio, making it the perfect companion for the headphones.

When can you get it?

The MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610 headphones will be available in Asia Pacific at the end of this month and will be available in Singapore from end-April 2013.


Specifications Sheet





Silver with Black / Silver with Red

Silver with White / Silver with Orange


Closed, dynamic

Closed, dynamic

Driver Unit

50mm, dome type (OFCVoice Coil)

40mm, dome type (CCAW Voice Coil)

Wearing Style




106 dB/mW

104 dB/mW

Frequency Response

3 Hz – 28,000 Hz

4 Hz – 24,000 Hz


24 Ohms at 1 kHz

40 Ohms at 1 kHz

Power Handling Capacity

3,000 mW (IEC**)

1,000 mW (IEC**)


305g (except cord)

 225g (except cord)


1X1.2 m OFC Litz standard cord; 1X1.2 m Litz cord (In-line Remote and Microphone)

1X1.2 m Litz cord (Y type)


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