Singapore: Unsung Heroes


7 May 2013, Singapore – While the Metropolitant Team was having a cuppa at Great World City on Sunday mulling over the editorial calendar for the upcoming month, a lady walked up to us and handed that note to us.

After checking out their content on Facebook we want you to like their page too!



“I would like to share a little something about this page, the reason why this was created is to feature individuals in Singapore doing acts of kindness on their own will and ability. This is also to inspire Singaporeans, to go that one extra mile to give to others who are in need.

On top of that this is a also a platform to spread the word of these good deeds, and possibly get more volunteers / sponsorship so that people who are featured can receive more to give more to others, so its “giving to give” !

Please spread the word, and have your friends / family on facebook to like to page and share the videos / photos!

Let’s doing something to change the world around us!

with love,

The 5 part series documentary about individuals in singapore doing acts of kindness – contributing to the community. You too can help play a part in their movement by emailing them people that fits the bill.

Spread a little love and let more people know about Singapore’s unsung heroes.

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