The First Cornetto Lick Challenge In The World

Cornetto 1

11 June 2013, Singapore – Taste buds at the ready; Ice cream brand Cornetto has launched the first Cornetto Lick Challenge in the world; an online challenge against Nick Afanasiev, reputed for having the longest tongue in the world.

As part of the Cornetto Lick Challenge, Cornetto has created a ‘lick booth’ which will travel around sunny Singapore. In a true “Enjoy the Ride, Love the Ending” fashion, fans can look forward to outrageous surprises whenever the chocolate-filled tip of the Cornetto Meter lights up, triggered by the collective participation of fans in the lick challenge at the booths.

“Not only does the Lick Challenge allow our online community of fans to interact with each other and Cornetto, it also brings to life what Cornetto has to offer teens in Singapore – a spontaneous, pleasurable and sensory journey that always ends on a high note”, said brand manager Kenneth Lau.


In conjunction with the launch, Cornetto also unveiled its new Cornetto Enigma Cookie cone. The new Cornetto’s Enigma Cookie is a cookie-flavoured ice cream topped liberally with crunchy cookie bits and filled with a smooth and soft chocolate sauce.

Watch out for the Cornetto Lick Booth at these locations:

Bugis Junction (beside the fountain) – 15 to 16 June, 12 to 8pm
Downtown East @ Level 3 E-hub – 22 to 23 June, 12 to 8pm
Sentosa (Beach station) – 29 June, 12 to 8pm

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