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11 June 2013, Singapore – I’ll be really honest with everyone. The folks at Metropolitant are a fan of the Rehab London range of products. Nope, this is not a paid advertorial, but we simply love the feel of our skin after we started using their products. So when founder Lisa Hilton was in town, we had to speak to her about the amazing products.

A shout out to Garry and Zaim from Media Flair for making this possible.RehabLONDON-hr-129


Was setting up a men’s grooming range an obvious choice for you? Did you consider creating something else before settling on Rehab London?

No actually men’s was my first and prime focus as I was working with a lot of men on film sets and saw a clear gap in this area

As a new relatively newcomer, how has the support been for you so far – from your family, celebrity clients, friends etc.?

I think friends and family wear thin after testing products for two years but the great thing about being a new comer is the people you meet along the way that just love the brand and are inspired by it

Since you come from a beauty background, any plans of including makeup for men?

At this point no although I do think many Singaporean men are wearing bb cream!

Where do you see Rehab London in five years’ time?

As a major player on the global market.  I feel we fill an aspirational buying gap and men feel like they are buying into a brand philosophy so I feel we will age and grow with these consumers.  And we will be in over 35 countries minimum

Which product would you consider as the star product(s) of the range and why?

Revive Survive is our hero product as it is  the first lifestyle product that makes men not only look but feel good

How do you think we should approach men who are still adamant against using products on their faces?

Point out to them that they shave and wash with shower gel so they are already using something.  I do think that once they understand their skin will feel and look better it will be easy to convert them

At what age do you feel that a young male should start looking at a daily skincare regimen?

Well there is that troublesome age of teens and spots so for cleansing I would begin at 12 and introduce oil control moisturiser by 16

Is there anyone in particular that is an inspiration behind setting up Rehab London?

I think all the hair and makeup artists I have ever worked with inspire using good products as it is something we are ethical about

Skincare products with multi purposes are known to be less effective than products that targets specific skin problems, what is your take on that?

Multipurpose is a little different to dual action.  For instance in the female market sector many consumers are getting confused between anti-aging and hydrating.  This is where this definitely applied.  But for Rehabs dual action angel for example our No Shine not only oil controls but mattifys the complexion so this is two actives which compliment and assist each other.



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