Review – Madame Nyonya Herbal Facial Gel

1 October 2013, Singapore – There’s a new skincare gem in town and we are glad to add some “Nyonya goodness” to our mundane skin care regime. Madame Nyonya inspired by the southeast asian traditions and beauty methods that the peranakans has used for centuries.
Does the ingredient list found on the back of your skincare product sound like a mind-boggling chemistry lesson? Today’s leading brands of skincare products utilise many laboratory-milled chemicals in their formula. While tested to be effective, these are ultimately artificial simulations based on naturally-occuring substances. In the same way as how we prefer our food to be natural and wholesome compared to artificial flavoniods, wouldn’t a skincare product blended with natural ingredients appeal to you more?
Madame Nyonya Herbal Facial Gel, that will be a wonderful addition to your daily beauty regime. Containing natural anti-ageing and anti-oxidant ingredients like sandalwood, ginseng, rose water and cucumber extract, one can rest assure that this is an all-natural skincare product that will nourish the skin. And one that really shows results, we might add.
Nightly application on the face area leaves the skin feeling softer, and pores looking smaller in just a week. The gel is scented with a sandalwood and mandarin orange peel scent that is very calming for bedtime. We also love how the gel absorbs well on the skin, without the sticky feeling after application. For more information on this product, visit its Facebook page at

The Madame Nyonya Herbal Face Gel (HFG) retailing at SGD65 and it can be found at Rumah Kim Choo (111 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428801) and True Blue Shoppe (Peranakan Museum 39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941)

Product reviewer: Shawn Wu

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