Halloween Horror Nights 3 – Universal Studios Singapore


8 October 2013, Singapore – Halloween Horror Nights 3 returns for the third installations and you must venture through 3 movie quality haunted house and 3 immersive scare zones. Expect longer scare hours, more special effects and longer queues. If you are considering a visit to this signature event, buy the express pass. Trust me, you will be thankful if you did. We will share a little break down of the zones but fret not, no spoilers to ruin your fun.


An evil spirit with a deceptively sweet voice, the Maiden of the Opera haunts the Chinese Opera Academy, taking pleasure in tearing the lives out of all who dare cross her path. A practitioner of ancient black magic, Crone of the Forest lurks within the shadows of the Forbidden Forest, searching for new souls to enslave. A child-like vampire with an insatiable thirst for blood, Daughter of the Undead prowls amongst the tombstones of an ancient cemetery for her latest prey.


The 3 immersive Scare Zones

1) New York – Attack of the Vampires 
Good old blood sucking goodness

2) Ancient Egypt – Convention of Curses
Look out for the sexy belly dancers that comes in threes

3) Lost World – Forbidden Forest
Spot the swamp thing, I dare you.


The 3 Haunted Houses

A ship once thought vanished reappeared. Expect to get slightly wet.

2) Songs Of Death
Spine-chilling requiem and the bloody massacre by the Maiden of the Opera. Cover your ears.

3) Possessions
A haunted house for sale. Expect the unexpected in this haunted mansion. Not for the faint hearted.


If you do need a break, run over to the safe zone located at the Sci-Fi City. They promised to be really nice there. And if you are hungry after all the blood and gore, check out the gory, I mean yummy food available at the Discover Food Court.

If you think Halloween Horror Nights 2 freaked you out, you’ll want to bring more friends with you this round. Don’t miss the Monster Rock: Halloween Editions at the Pantages Theatre. Beetlejuice re-animates the Universal Classic Monsters in this rock-n-roll musical! A dose of humor and fun goes a long way on a scary night!

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“Elements of surprises were the key to this horror. The atmosphere created by roaming actors, the layout and the compelling design of the venue made this a ‘the’ halloween event to go to. For those who aren’t as brave and was forced upon to this event, Monster Rock Concert is probably the only segment for you – Entertaining but not fantastic. Personally, I am quite fearful of chinese horror. So, that haunted house was my scariest experience. Mirror maze and transparent flooring, the bloody effects, it was just enough for me. To “enjoy” the fullest scare, go in smaller groups and at a slower pace.

Overall, it was an above average experience. Ultimately, it goes down to the company you are going with. Couples, gay or straight, time for you to man up to protect your other half.” Raphael Chen – Freelance Writer (Metropolitant.com)


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Photo credits: Dennis Seow of Superadrianme.com 


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