Superstar Virgo – Party At The Sea



5 October 2013, Singapore – We were delighted when we asked to hop on the Star Cruise Virgo for Party At The Sea Event. If you think going on a cruise just means heading down to the Casino, dining with your relatives and taking pictures of the usual sunset, you need to book another trip now.


The Party at the Sea event featured The Butterfactory DJs and DJ Foxxy and DJ Nara. From the moment you board the massive cruise ship, you will be spoilt for choice and we were stoked to party the 2 nights away. Imagine a night out with your best buddies, making new friends, while Star cruise brings the party to the sandy beaches of Redang and back on board the fun-filled Star Virgo.



Boy did we have fun (a little too much fun). From somersaults into the pool to making new friends at Redang and at the party. This is one weekend the Metropolitant Team will not forget anytime soon.


Thank you Star Cruise! More pictures here!

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“An awesome weekend with Superstar Virgo where fun becomes an understatement. Believe it or not, the party was brought over to Redang hosted by DJ Foxxy and MC Nara. Crews of Superstar Virgo hyped the party up by dance performances and dance competition.

Do not even think about the party having to end there in Redang. Everyone had the party of lifetime at the pool deck with the AOS. From strangers to friends, the Metropolitant team was able to capture the essence of the party. Girls and boys somersaulting into the pool. Hanging by the floats, conquering the dolphin float, swinging the light sticks, this is the best pool party one can ever asked for.

Indeed, the Metropolitant team is grateful for the invite and the wonderful experience on this cruise.”
Raphael Chen, freelance writer

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