Just Like It! – New Ice Cream Revolution


14 October 2013, Singapore – The latest outlet of Just Like It! has been making waves amongst locals and tourists since they opened their doors a few weeks ago with their modern spin on the traditional ice cream making process using liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent.

“It’s not quite the same as using extracts of certain flavours. Here at Just Like It!, the NEW iCE cream that customers get to experience is so unique because it tastes like you’re really eating the flavour or fruit of your choice which is in the form of ice cream,” said Jason Bak, CEO of Just Like It!


NEW iCE cream is a term coined by Just Like It! to describe an ice cream that does not fall within the categories of traditional ice cream or gelato because of its unique texture and flavour. The use of liquid nitrogen in the process of creating the NEW iCE cream also results in an incredibly smooth texture and flavour that does not feel anything like normal ice cream, gelato or even sorbets.


The secret however to the great taste of the ice cream at Just Like It! lies in the process. The establishment has a designated Research & Development team which uses a special technique to churn out almost any flavour limited to one’s imagination, using only the freshest premium quality of natural ingredients with no additives, colouring, stabilizers or emulsifiers


‘The Lab’ is where customers are able to witness a quick science lesson when liquid nitrogen is added to the selected flavour resulting in a copious amount of smoke produced because of the quick vaporization of liquid nitrogen. With the smoke shielding the process from sight, it almost seems like magic to many children and adults as they get to experience a delightful visual treat with their ‘experiment’ coming to fruition.

“A common misconception that people have is that the liquid nitrogen adds a type of flavour to the ice cream. It really is the same as using LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) when you’re cooking in the kitchen. It’s not an ingredient, it’s just used in the process of cooking,” adds Mr Bak.

Apart from NEW iCE cream, customers can also enjoy unique beverages on the ‘Just Like It’ menu such as a variety of refreshing fruit sodas, Royal Milk Tea and the very popular iCE Drip Test Tube Coffee which uses cold water in the brewing process over a span of eight hours.

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