Review – Gravity


14 October 2013, Singapore – As Suparn Verma, Bollywood director mentioned: “As the film unfolds and if you jolt yourself out off the captivating narrative you will realise that you are 17 minutes into the film and you have been watching a single take so brilliantly orchestrated that for a moment you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that this is the greatest choreography of actors, camera, lightning, camerawork, VFX.”

Director Alfonso Cuaron puts you right there in orbit with novice astronaut Sandra Bullock and veteran-on-his-last-mission George Clooney as their space shuttle gets demolished by debris from an exploded Soviet satellite.


Float and spin and into things along with Bullock and Clooney and time is running out. Oxygen is dwindling while communication with Mission Control in Houston is gone. Alfonso Cuaron takes you far, far away from earth and succeeds in bringing to the screen exactly what he imagined. He makes sure the film flows naturally and all that the actors need to do is convey the message through their characters.

A lot of credit goes to the cinematographers and the VFX team as well, who make the impossible possible.


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