Legoland Water Park Opens On The 21 October 2013


19 October 2013, Singapore – Asia’s first Legoland Water Park opens on the 21 October, transforming Legoland in to a resort. While the hotel will open in 2014, Legoland Water Park offers endless hours of fun.

With more than 20 unique water based rides, and over 70 specially built Lego models, this park offers safe water rides for the whole family. The park contains over 300,000 liters of water and expect to spend a full day there if you want to soak up the sun and frolick in the wave pool.


The Metropolitant Team spent a day in the park and we were impressed with the rides and how most of the rides were children friendly. Other than the lack of trees and a little slippery on the slopes (please do not run down the slopes), we loved every minute spent in the park. Check out  the full list of the rides here.


One of the highlights is the Build-A Raft River where kids customize their own raft made of soft LEGO bricks before floating down a lazy river. Apart from several body slides and tube slides there’s also a wave pool and a water play area designed especially for toddlers. There are three small slides and interactive DUPLO characters modeled after the actual pieces found in LEGO sets: an alligator, polar bear and an elephant.

Raphael, Writer: Legos – we grew up with it. If you were born in the 70s or 80s, you’d have played with it.  Share the joy with our children, and relive those moments of childhood(together).

Legoland Water Park is catered for all ages. A definite way of building closer bonds with family and friends. Apart from the travelling time, the rides were great and it is worth your money. The rides may look less threatening than the one you see in Jurong East swimming complex, but it is way better and awesome! The best and most thrilling ride was the Brick Blaster. A ‘must try’ when you are there.

Lazy river with lego pieces. Floats that you can build legos on. Lego characters shooting water. Sea creatures made out of lego. An experience you can get only at this themepark.

A 4.5/5 star rating for this place. It could have been a 5/5, but the lockers were ridiculously expensive (40 myr large, 20 myr small).

It has to be my best water theme park experience ever!

The Lego Ninja Turtle aka Raphael


Pricing for Legoland and Legoland Water Parks

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For more information on Legoland or Legoland Water Parks, check out their website here.

More pictures of our Legoland Water Park adventures!

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