Review – Sentosa Spooktacular 2013


19 October 2013, Sinapore – If you are a fan of Thai horror flicks, expect to have your nerves tested in up to five elaborately themed, haunted trails inspired by GTH’s internationally acclaimed films namelyComing Soon, Shutter, Pee Mak, Dorm and Body The kind folks from roped us along for the sneak preview of the Spooktacular 2013.

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The trails were well spaced out and having it at Fort Siloso definitely added some creepy quotient to this Halloween destination. They are already sold out on most of the dates, fastest fingers first!

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So what did we think about the haunted trails and mansion? (Also check out the photos here)

Editor: If you are looking for a series of haunted mansion featuring ghost from your favorite Thai horror movie, this is the place from you. They’ve added interactive elements to their haunted mansion this year and they require you to fulfill certain ‘task’ before you are allowed to leave the ‘realms’  of the dead. The haunted mansion proveds enough scares for some adults while injecting some fun elements for the younger ones or the timid ones. 

If you are not looking for heart stopping scares or over the top scare actors, Spooktacular would be your best bet. But don’t let your guard down though, as you will never know what lurks within the dark trails of Fort Siloso.

Raphael, Writer: Looking for the fun element, enjoy watching how your friends scream at every little thing that lurks in the dark? Well, if that is what you would call entertainment, it’s time to bring your friends down to Sentosa’s Spooktacular 2013.

On the scale to 10, 6 for ambience, 5 for scare factor, 6 for creativity, 6 for the makeup/costumes and 6 for fun. Apart from the repeated costumes(a little too many Chaba mask), actors were rather interactive not scary enough if they get out of character. The best haunted mansion has got to be the Dorm. The dark space and moments of silence was able to bring out some ghostly ambience to give me the chills.

As a first time visitor to Spooktacular, it fell a little short for my expectations But I guess Spooktacular focus a little more on the  fun element instead of scare. 

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