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23 October 2013, Singapore – If you are ever in the area, drop by Earl of Hindh and you turn back time to India during the 1900’s . Be it the Grand portraits of Maharajas, Majestic Full length Mirrors, Antique Lights or the rustic tiled flooring; the palatial ambience of the restaurant engulfs you.

Located at Quayside Isle, the unique waterfront dining with a breath taking view of the Marina and picturesque scenery transports you to a different world altogether. The 2850 square-foot spaced restaurant offers spacious and comfortable seating between Alfresco and indoor dining areas.


The menu is reminiscent of Indian cuisine predominant during the Reign of the British, – an era where The Maharajas and Royalty dined and hosted some of the most lavish feasts and exotic dishes. The glimpse into the past reflects how the art of fine Indian cooking has disappeared over the years and how Earl of Hindh aims at reviving the aromas, flavours and art of royal cooking. The restaurant boast of a wide range of  grilled Indian kebabs, Indian curries, breads and long grained basmati rice preparations.

The Kakori Kebab, Earl of Hindh’s Signature Dish – A delicate melt-in-your-mouth Kabab of finely minced lamb, flavoured with spices and chargrilled to perfection, is a dish packed with so many flavors and textures it pretty much hits you on all levels.

The Ambi Paneer Tikka (Delicious chuncks of Cottage Cheese stuffed with sweet and sour mango chutney Charcoal grilled) and Dariyai Tikka (medallions of fresh Salmon marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, fennel, honey, hint of mustard oil, kebab masala and char grilled) illustrate the Chef’s more adventurous side.

The Tandoori Murgi , takes a New Avatar altogether. The ‘King of Kebabs’ and the Best known Indian delicacy is the best way to relish whole chicken chargrilled in the Tandoor. The flavours seep in to the bone and the meat is extremely succulent and juicy, thanks to method of marination and technique of grilling.

For those who like their meat on the bone, another sure win dish is the Shahi Chaap– Lamb Chops marinated with the Chef’s special Potli masala, cooked on griddle and finished on Dum.


In addition, the finest Single Malts and Whiskeys are being paired with Indian food, which is a novel concept in Singapore. The Whiskies at Earl of Hindh are carefully selected in partnership with Whisky World Singapore. The selection has an affinity for three main types of premium whiskies, the single cask , cask strength and un chill filtered single malts.

More information here: http://www.earlofhindh.com/

# 01 -16 , Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
Singapore 098375

Tel : + 65 6681 6694 and +65 6339 3394
Email : Bookings@earlofhindh.com

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