The New And Improved World Of Sports Membership Card

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8 November 2013, Singapore – World of Sports just launched their new and improved membership card! For just $49 per year, members are immediately rewarded with a Head duffle bag (RP: $69.90), a Columbia toiletries pouch (RP: $25.90) and a HEAD water bottle (RP: $15.90). Oh, and members can also look forward to huge savings from exclusive in-store promotion and discounts all year round.

Members looking to embrace a holistic lifestyle can check out their partners. From fuelling your body with glorious delectable at the Crown Plaza Hotel Changi Airport to shielding your skin from environmental damages with Murad.

Our lifestyle writer Raphael was there to check out the event!


World of Sports invited the media to have a go at in line skating when they launched their new membership card. Trainers were hired to educate us the different techniques and skills on how to blade. Having split into 2 groups, the more proficient and the less proficient, the trainers were able to cater to the different needs of the rollerbladers.

Moving backwards, overlapping, moving on toes, on heels, on toe and heel, T braking and other possible ways of moving with style – mastered them all.  The trainer then introduced me another form of rollerblading – dancing.  Trying to move in in a zig zag motion around the cones with one leg in front of the other, it took me the entire night just to master it! 


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