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Hygeia TCM Wellness Center has introduced their MTM Sub-Health Therapy or Meridians & Tissue Manipulation (MTM). This is a new deep corrective massage to revitalise strained muscle tissues, unlock muscle knots, reduce muscle stiffness and to provide effective relief to stubborn muscle aches caused by the repeated stress and demands of modern lifestyles. Suitable for both male and females, the therapy attempts to revitalise muscle tissues and unblock tendon and ligament knots.


The meridians and tissue manipulation technique first developed in Taiwan is applied by a well- trained therapist who uses a set of customised ox horn massage rods to reach meridian channels, acupuncture points and deep connective tissues (fascia) and muscles. The long treatment strokes address the deficiency of “qi”(life energy) in the body thus re-energising muscle tissues and bringing relief to chronic muscle aches. More significantly, MTM therapy results in overall rejuvenation of the body by stimulating the body organs and encouraging the body’s natural mechanisms to self-heal and self-restore. If you are looking for a relaxing massage therapy to fall asleep, this may not be for you as the first 1-3 visit, you may experience certain amount of discomfort when the pressure is applied to your “problematic areas”. But Ms Cher  from Hygeia assures, the pain goes away as your body eradicate the cold ‘qi’ and benefit from the increased blood flow to the various blood pressure points.


MTM sets itself apart from other TCM massage treatments which generally work on superficial skin and muscle levels. MTM on the other hand targets the fascia structure. The fascia is the layer of connective tissue surrounding muscles and muscle groups, blood vessels, and nerves; it binds some structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other). Simultaneously, MTM works to stimulate the various meridians in the body to eradicate the cold and stagnant “qi” from the body, and treats the root cause of ailments.


MTM can be performed in one session for a full body treatment, or it can be localised for specific target area such as face, or address specific problems such as chronic stiff shoulders or bloated face. While scraping your face with the ox horn may seem intimidating, the result is quite pleasing and cleared up my sinus problems plaguing me for days.

Health issues that MTM treats include –

• Beauty Concerns (such as Face lift, Butt lift)
• Body Sculpting/Contouring
• Body Aches (Chronic and Acute)
• Body Wellness (Restoring organ functions to optimal levels)
• Muscle tension & stiffness (Restoring joint mobility and flexibility)

While visible results may vary according to the specific issues of individuals, most clients will be able to experience positive change in their target area following the first treatment. However to achieve the ideal goal, a series of treatments is recommended. The benefits of MTM are lasting, and non-reversible. Consistent treatment will ensure that problems do not resurface even after the treatment is completed. However, ending the treatment prematurely may affect the ideal beauty and wellness target goal. To maximise the benefits of MTM, the accompanying use of the Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream is encouraged in conjunction with the treatment. This phyto-nutrient cream is specially formulated to restore the body’s hormones to optimal level, naturally and safely. It also helps to facilitate cell and tissue renewal, enhancing the effects of MTM Sub-Health Therapy.


MTM treatment is available at a promotion price at $78 for one 60 mins session (Usual price: $159) at Hygeia TCM Wellness located at Tampines Central 6 #01-01. Tel: 6260-5575; Mon to Sat (11am to 9 pm) Sun/PH (11am to 6 pm) 

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