Kinesis and ARKE – Patented Training Systems Hits Singapore


Fitness enthusiasts wanting a more unconventional workout that comprises of more natural and effective methods of movement can now look forward to Kinetika – a new fitness facility in the West powered by Technogym’s state of the art patented training systems – Kinesis and ARKE. *More pictures here

Located in The Grandstand at Turf City, Kinetika is fronted by Singapore’s only two Technogym Master Trainers, Ghaneswaran Sukumaran and Santhi Haridass who were both trained and certified in Italy.

“One of the biggest issues now in the fitness industry is that when people join a gym they have no idea that some exercises can do more damage in the long term than good,” said Ghaneswaran Sukumaran, Founder and Owner of Kinetika. “At Kinetika we not only want to focus on all aspects of fitness, but also want to empower our members with the knowledge to better themselves, which is why all our members have dedicated gym instructors to guide them during their workouts and track their progress over time at no additional cost.”


Prior to the commencement of each member’s programme, the trainers will perform the measurement of their body statistics; weight, height, body fat and muscle mass, as well as Kinetika’s unique flexibility and balance test known as ‘Vitruvio Testing’. This allows trainers to tweak the program based on each member’s body type and individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring efficient training in a safe and progressive way to avoid any injuries and health risks associated with incompatible training.

Upon entering Kinetika Xtreme, guests will be greeted by a row of sleek, futuristic exercise machines known as Kinesis. This training system focuses on natural movements of the human body using an innovative patent-pending 3D pulley system that allows 360° tri- dimensional movements, providing a balance between conventional strength training and functional training that maximises training efficiency with visible results. It allows different exercises to be executed with ease, and the pulley systems also enable people from all body- types to train with ease, including the elderly, those with particular injuries and even the disabled.

While there other gyms in Singapore that are equipped with Kinesis machines, Kinetika is the only gym in Singapore to boast a full complement of eight top-end Kinesis Class machines as well as a Singapore’s only two Technogym Master Trainers. They and a staff of Kineses-qualified personal trainers are assigned to every Kinesis class to ensure that all training methods are carried out correctly.

Meaning the ‘origin of things’ in Greek, ARKE enables training which re-enacts the different stages of development that everyone has been through, from going on all fours as a child to the erect posture of a healthy adult. ARKE equipment is divided into four categories. Each one bears the name of a natural element of the Greek philosophic tradition and is identified by a different colour scheme and shape, according to the type, energy intensity and the position in which they are used: Earth (green) for stability and proprioception; Water (blue) for agility and balance; Fire (red) for adaptability and control; Air (orange) for dynamism and reactivity.


Each of these elements allows for the most effective and complete training experience. In order to acquire the best physical condition, coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reactivity, cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, all aspects of the body need to be trained.

Apart from Kinesis and ARKE, Kinetika Xtreme also offers a range of high energy aerobic classes ranging from ZUMBA to BODY COMBAT. As part of the gym’s opening promotion for the month of June all walk-in customers will receive 12 sessions of free personalised training worth over $900.

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