Archipelago Brewery Limited Edition Yuzucha Beer


The new Archipelago Brewery Limited Edition Yuzucha Beer is light bodied and crisp. It’s great with bar food and a refreshing choice on a warm day.

It’s a tea infused beer and according to Master Brewer Robert Beck, the “tea and the Yuzu were added in ‘teabag’ style at the conditioning part of the process”. That explains the slight citrusy Yuzu notes, and distinct yet subtle tea finish.


You can have a taste of the Limited Edition Yuzucha Beer at Beer Fest Asia 2014 (12 to 15 June 2014) and at the 12 Archipelago Brewery concept outlets located island-wide (go to for details). Archipelago Brewery produces three to four Limited Editions a year to complement their four mainstay variants, and if you like to try something new now and then, pop by their concept outlets every few months.

Characteristics of the beer:
– Light bodied
– Crisp finish
– Yuzu flavours with a subtle tea aftertaste
– Light gold colour
– Alcohol 4% v/v

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