‘Abalone Delights’ At Min Jiang At One-North

Min Jiang at One-North Abalone Trio Platter

Min Jiang at One-North (岷江在纬壹), located within the lush surrounds of Rochester Park announced their latest promotion – ‘Abalone Delights’ – which will take place from 15 July to 14 August 2014 and feature Master Chef Goh Chee Kong’s (吴志光) creative dishes that bring out the succulence of these Australian molluscs.

Min Jiang at One-North Braised 4-Head Abalone with Millet Broth

‘Abalone Delights’ Highlights

Abalone trio platter, 鲍鱼三拼, S$28 per person

This gorgeous plate features three dainty appetizers – the invigorating Abalone roll with green apple and truffle oil, a luxeyong tau foo’-inspired Pan-fried abalone stuffed with prawn paste and a variation of the restaurant’s popular dumpling: Steamed ‘xiao long bao’ with mini abalones.

Double-boiled abalone with morel mushrooms in shark bone, cartilage, 羊菌菇炖鲍鱼翅骨汤, S$32 per person

Every drop of this gorgeous broth boasts intense flavor and light texture. Fresh ‘huai shan’ – a Chinese herb – is added for crunch and nutrition.

Braised 4-head abalone with millet broth, 金汤小米原粒鲍鱼, S$48 per person

Basking in the limelight is a plump and glistening abalone that is bathed in a delicious golden-hued broth, which is a result of adding millets – a nutritious grain touted to be high in fiber, protein and antioxidants.

Fried abalone and pine nuts in spicy sauce, 金盏松子鲍鱼炒粒粒, S$14 per person

Served in a pretty filo pastry ‘nest’ with pine nuts and capsicum, this dish is an example of Chef’s skill in stir-frying as the juiciness of the abalone is retained despite the use of high heat.

Fried rice with baby abalone and crabmeat, 鲜蟹肉鲍鱼仔炒饭, S$28 per person

Those who love their fried rice will be delighted with this luxuriously flavorful version. These tiny gems provide textural delight with every bite.

Abalone indulgence set menu, 金装鲍鱼宴, S$128 per person (minimum two persons)

For guests who just cannot get enough, this six-course menu is the perfect choice.

Abalone trio platter
鲍鱼三拼 – 松露油鲍鱼卷, 百花酿鲍鱼, 鲍鱼仔小龙包 Double-boiled abalone with morel mushrooms in shark bone cartilage
Braised 4-head abalone with millet broth
Fried abalone and pine nuts in spicy sauce
Fried rice with baby abalone and fresh crabmeat
Pandan jelly with lime sorbet

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