Protein Wars – Dymatize vs Optimum Nutrition

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Dymatize ISO-100 vs Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, which is better?

Recently, an article was published to denounce the benefit of running long distances and proposed that running less than 6.4km a day would be sufficient to keep your body healthy. Many scientifically proven articles have also shown that anaerobic (i.e. weight-lifting) sustains a longer fat burning process than a prolonged aerobic workout (i.e. jogging or swimming). I believe in a balance, but skewed more towards anaerobic.

Marathoner vs Sprinter

For the select group of working adults who require good stamina such as those in the military or domestic security jobs, having good stamina is key to excelling. For the layman who works in industries or sectors other than those, a 70:30 ratio for anaerobic and aerobic workouts is recommended. At least by me. I’m no doctor, but I believe everyone should look like a toned and healthy sprinter if possible and never like a scrawny skeletal marathon runner. After all, the joints do matter in old age too.

The question is, if you follow this mantra of 70:30, how do you recover fast with each workout? The answer lies in supplements that help repair and build your muscles. I’m not saying you need to be a bodybuilder by bulking through intensive weightlifting and eating immensely large amounts a day. Just drinking a protein shake immediately after an hour gym session will help to repair those aching muscles and build on more muscle fibers for a stronger body.

Judging from the Internet forums about what is the best protein in terms of value, absorption, taste and results, the brands of Dymatize and Optimum Nutrition gets the most buzz. Here is a qualitative comparison of both proteins and how they fare in each of the categories. Both proteins are compared on their ubiquitous and popular Chocolate flavors.


Dymatize Iso 100 Gourmet Chocolate

Dymatize ISO-100

Each serving of it gives you 25g of protein, almost no fat and has 5.5g of BCAAs to aid in your quest for a healthy and toned body. The100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate within ensures the best absorption due to its finer powdered texture. This also helps with the mixability to make that smooth shake thats easy to drink without the clumpiness. Mix it with milk instead of water and the gourmet flavours just makes you want more. Dymatize has always marketed itself as the best tasting protein you can find on the market.


Optimum Nutrition

24g of protein are in each 30g rounded scoop serving, 1g of fat of which 0.5g saturates. The protein within comes from whey protein isolates, whey concentrates and hydrolyzed isolates. The powder particles are larger and mixing it properly takes some effort. Taste wise, its sometimes hit and miss with batch differences. The different tastes of the chocolate flavours are also subtle and not significant. Milk is still the best medium for this protein (as is with most).


The main difference between both is the price. The Optimum Nutrition retails in a range from $78.90 to $85 depending on whether you purchase them from brick and mortar shops or online stores. Dymatize retails in the range from $93.90 upwards to $115. There is a recommended site for such health supplements but that for another post for another day. Dymatize costs over 20% higher but the monetary trade off is worth it for greater taste, smoother texture and better mixability. We defeinitely advocate choosing quality over quantity.

While Optimum Nutrition delivers the better value of the two, it has a lower level of why protein isolate and double the fat. Comparably, each scoop of Dymatize give just 1g of protein more but from the much more refined and easily absorbed hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. If you’re counting calories, Dymatize offers 10 less calories as compared to Optimum Nutrition for each serving. Both gives the same amount of BCAAs to aid in the protein absorption.

Ultimately the choice is yours. You can buy both and try them out to make the final decision to stick with either brand. However, in our minds and without a doubt, Dymatize will make your workout worth it. You’ll achieve faster recovery and greater muscle build with the best quality protein.


Reviewed by Jason ‘Armin’ Chew


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