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In the field of Aesthetic Medicine, the current trend is an incremental approach utilizing less invasive plastic surgical rejuvenation procedures and the latest technological advances to achieve a “natural, unplasticized” look. Most patients start at an earlier age to take advantage of the better tone and elasticity of the skin and continue periodically with “maintenance” procedures to maintain a fresh, youthful look well into their 70s

A good Aesthetic Doctor will offer you good advice and recommend the best treatment to enhance and even help you look years younger. It might set you back a little in the financial department, but really, your skin will thank you for that investment.The Metropolitant Team had the opportunity to get to know SL Clinic’s Dr Gabriel Wong a little better.

The Metropolitant Team had the opportunity to get to know SL Clinic’s Dr Gabriel Wong a little better.


What influenced your decision to get into aesthetic practice?

It was love at first sight with Aesthetic Medicine the day I attended a course in BOTOX® at the National Skin Center. I was lucky to have met my mentor, Dr. Kelvin Chua, who guided me in my journey to become an Aesthetic Physician. Since young, I have always appreciated art and beauty and being able to make faces beautiful turned out to be what I immensely enjoy. We introduced the term Face Sculpting into our practice in 2014, which is best explained as the meticulous use of various modalities such as BOTOX® and dermal fillers to improve the beauty and harmony of a face.

What made you passionate about Face Sculpting?

The human face is the greatest piece of art each of us has; it’s what we face the world with daily. I am passionate about Face Sculpting as I believe in enhancing, and not totally changing each face, as this is what makes us unique. Just like an art masterpiece often requires the use of pencils and different colours of the palette, Face Sculpting is about choosing the best tools to be used in the right places for the best looking you.

I have read articles about beauty queens all looking alike and that reminds me that I am not here just to churn out the “same pretty face”. I don’t want you to be just a face in the crowd, but a face that the crowd faces.




What do you consider the most satisfying about your profession?

The amazement and happiness on my clients’ faces when they look into the mirror is the most satisfying to me. Also, my clients tend to treat me like a friend (or even godson!) and catching up with them each time they come is something I look forward to and truly enjoy.

I had a young Malaysian Chinese patient who developed severe acne after coming to work. It was so bad that the customs officer almost did not let him renew his work permit as was it thought that he had an infectious disease. He sought treatment at SL Clinic and was grateful that we wrote him a memo to explain his condition and also treated his acne. He has become a friend of mine and frequently asks me for advice on other matter such as career and even relationships!

Suffice to say, I really love my work and being able to do what I do daily is a huge blessing.

What do you recommend for patients with sun spots or pigmentation problems?

Pigmentary disorders is one of the major problems we treat at SL Clinic.

I would often jokingly chide my patient that I would not treat them if they do not follow my instruction of using a good suncreen daily, as UV light is the main culprit of melanin production. I generally use a combination of treatment modalities such as topical medications, chemical peels and laser treatments depending on the type of pigmentary disorder.

What about acne problems?

Acne is yet another problem I treat daily.

We have to realize that acne is not just something that affects children undergoing puberty. Acne can last for decades, and result in unsightly acne scars, both of which inflict psychological harm on individuals who inevitably have lower self-esteem and confidence. Here in SL Clinic, we are a one-stop shop for acne treatment as we have topical and oral medications for the treatment of acne, as well as effective lasers and subcision services for the treatment of acne scars.

Most clients are afraid of invasive procedures, what would you recommend if I want to lose inches off my waist?

Liposuction is actually a very safe procedure which we provide in SL Clinic but the fear of invasive procedures is understandable.

Liposonix® is now available at SL Clinic. This latest way of non-invasive permanent fat reduction makes use of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology for body contouring and is proven to help you lose those stubborn fats. The procedure is safe, quick and effective, and I would really recommend it to my clients who need a little help in attaining their ideal shape.

Last but not least, any tips to keep our skin healthy?

The skin is our barrier against the harsh elements. I would strongly encourage the use of a good sunscreen and moisturizer daily. Other tips would include having a healthy diet rich in vitamins and essential minerals, not to smoke and to exercise regularly.

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