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We humans are visual creatures. Looking good to others is second nature for almost everyone. In the corporate world, it’s all about winning the initial battle of visual impressions.

The standard “battle” attire in the dog eats dog corporate world is none other than the long sleeve dress shirt, dress pants and leather shoes. To look spiffy, smart and confident, you can choose to buy off the rack for your shirts and pants. I think there’s more to that than meets the eye. Everyone has a different body shape and composition. Buying off the rack makes you, well, off the rack. Common and insipid. How about taking the effort to tailor a nice set of customized dress shirts and pants to comfortably and correctly attire your unique body.

Tailoring seems to be an expensive option in Singapore so the best option is to do it overseas. Bangkok has largely enjoyed the attention of being the tailoring hub in Southeast Asia. Take a 2 hour flight to Bangkok for at least 3 days and 2 nights and get your tailoring done there. After all, it will give you an excuse to take a short getaway and let your hair down in the Land of Smiles.


A myriad of tailor shops all run by Indians line Sukhumvit Road along the BTS line running east from the Central BTS station. This is in itself a dilemma since every one of them boasts great service and cheap prices. It is best to stay in the Sukhumvit area between BTS Ploenchit and BTS Nana to save yourself the hassle of travelling too far to the tailor and back for the fitting sessions to ensure the perfect fit.

Tom’s Fashion isn’t any different in its marketing. However, you are assured of a great fit, exceptional service and prompt delivery. Located 3 minutes from the Nana BTS station at Sukhumvit Soi 8, this tailor confirms its ability to turn superior quality fabric into that perfect corporate world attire with the help of their tailors’ superior bespoke tailoring skills. There even maintain a blog to tell you more about the specifics of suits, shirts, pants etc. So you are well informed of the options available (http://www.tomsfashion.com/blog/). To allay your fears of unsubstantiated marketing, Tom’s Fashion was also awarded the Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2014, further enhancing its already long time reputation.

First impressions when you enter Tom’s Fashion is the whole range of fabric rolls arranged based on their quality lining the shelves. You’ll then be served drinks and queried on your requirements. Expeditiously, measurements are taken expertly and finally you choose your fabrics. The staff recommends fabrics to your budget, taste and thickness level (according to the climate of your home country). Recommendations would also be given to the matching colours for the inner linings of the shirts are the collar and cuffs as options. Finally, you pay up 50% of the cost and schedule a fitting session on the very next day. During the fitting, you are entitled to be specific and meticulous about your shirts and pants. Be it a skinnier fit, tighter sleeves or a longer pants, this fitting will determine it all. The next time that raw product will be hugging you beautifully. As early as the morning of the 3rd day (if you choose to stay for 3D2N), the order can be collected at the shop itself or delivered to your hotel lobby. Try it on and get back to the office refreshed and ready to impress.


Remember, you are unique and deserve to look that way. If you’re getting married soon, why not be a gentleman and bring your groomsmen to tailor your suits as well.

Tom’s Fashion
19 Soi Preeda Sukhumvit Soi 8,
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
(The showroom is easily accessible by Skytrain (BTS) Nana Station. It is located approximately 50 meters inside Soi 8 on the left hand side.)
Opening Hours: Monday to Satuday from 10.30am to 8.30pm
Website: http://www.tomsfashion.com/


By Jason ‘Armin’ Chew

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