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The Metropolitant Team continues our search for young enterprising individuals with the passion and drive to pursue their dreams. We speak to Isaac Tng of Sixmoredays to find out what it takes to start your own design firm. Life as a designer should be great right? You spend the day doing what you love, producing creative design material for big name brands and seeing your work being admired around the town in the form of ads, leaflets or even as a website.

We speak to Isaac Tng to find out what it takes to start your own design firm.


When did you discover your passion for design?

I feel that it was never a realization because it was always there. I always had a penchant for drawing since young, and it helped that my parents were always supportive towards my talent. Gradually, as I started drawing more professionally my passion extended to the arena of graphic design, and later into other related fields. Most recently, I studied architectural design at the National University of Singapore and graduated with my Masters in Architecture.

Amusingly, I must admit that my passion is somewhat linked to my obsessive-compulsive disorder for needing for things to be always in place; whether it’s symmetry, corners meeting corners or alignment, this constant need for everything to be beautifully in place has fueled my passion

You mentioned art earlier, so does your interest lie more towards design or art?

I don’t really believe you can separate the two. There is design in art, and likewise; there is art in music and even design in science. These are faculties that are all interlinked. My primary interest started out in art, but in order to full appreciate art, one needs to also understand history, culture and other facets of design. I firmly do not believe that someone can produce outstanding works without comprehending everything else.

However, while my primary medium is now on the digital platform, I still enjoy drawing a lot. Every year I work on my art exhibitions to continue developing my artistic skills. The continued support from family and peers has inspired me to never give up producing art.

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What does sixmoredays mean and how did it come about?

Remember the era where everyone had cheesy email names? Back when I was freelancing, mine was registered at sixmoredays, and my clients told me it was catchy and had punch. Some even started referring to me as sixmoredays. Subsequently, it stuck; and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The meaning takes its cues from the biblical reference: work six days, rest one. (Well with the workload nowadays I might as well call it seven days because there’s no rest!) Frankly, I can’t really call it work if I enjoy doing it. Sure, it might get a little stressful on some days, but I constantly remind myself that I’m one of the more fortunate working individuals who get to stress about doing what he loves.

What does sixmoredays specialize in?

We are a design consultancy and our primary specialization is in branding and marketing.
But as I mentioned earlier, design is boundless and we are not restricted. Sometimes we get clients who have unusual requests- to an extent still design related- and we don’t turn any of them down. What better way to expand our portfolio than to try out into new things?


You mentioned starting out as a freelancer. Was it tough getting your clients, then, and how does it compare to the situation today?

To be honest, there was actually no intention to start out as a freelancer. I knew I loved the study of design and art, but had no prior vision of practicing it as a career. I got my first client when I was 18 and having a drink at a bar. The bar had an upcoming event and had posters pasted all over, and these posters were badly designed using Microsoft Office. Remember what I mentioned about everything having to ‘look right’? I took one look, approached the manager and told him I could help him redesign them much better for a nominal fee. He asked me to come down with my portfolio, and the next day the job was mine. Realistically the success in getting my first client so easily spurred me on and till today, is the main reason why I am still so driven.

What makes sixmoredays different compared to other design firms?

Sixmoredays is a 360 ° design firm. Aside from branding and marketing, we also do social media buys, web design, app design, video and animation as well as print and event management. This also means that we are a one-stop shop for all your design needs. We work fast and we do not believe in extravagant rates that one may sometimes find out there. Everyone should have access to good design without having to bear ridiculous costs, because good design benefits everyone.

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With all your experience, where can we view your past works?

Our works can be viewed at


Ed: We take this opportunity to thank Isaac for his time, and all the best for his design firm!

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